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My business vision

  • To deliver quality healing services and products to an international client base of over 5000, with an annual biz revenue of $50K.
  • To have an effective self-sustaining biz system that would be time and cost effective and allow me to do what I love best which is healing and teaching.
  • To develop win-win partnerships with quality professionals to provide additional revenue and value-added services for my clients.
  • Finally, to allow me to have a meaningful, balanced, productive and enjoyable lifestyle. –

My assets

  • Writing and designing skills.
  • Supportive mother who is good with accounting and administration.
  • Supportive past clients and workshop participants.
  • Flexibility in time.
  • Self-published book and affirmation cards.

My optimal audience or customers

  • People who are motivated to improve themselves and their relationships and willing to invest time and/or money in self-healing, especially helping professionals and caregivers who can use what I learn to serve others even more effectively.  

My timeframe to realize my vision

9 February 2012 (slightly over more than a year away!)

Send me love and light people! 🙂


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