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Here are 10 things you can do that will guarantee a significant increase in your finances if followed up on for a year: 

1. Read 3 books: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins, and The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. Take notes and apply as much of the principles and exercises as you can. 

2. Use this affirmation “I am a money magnet and I attract financial miracles into my life” for up to 1000 times a day. That’s one affirmation per minute at least! 

3. Tap on your eyebrows with your fingers while visualising money coming to you for at least 1 min a day. 

4. Maintain a state of gratitude by being thankful for everything in yr life, including the hardship and challenges 

5. Find a job that allows you to be happy. This may seem counter intuitive but money will only flow to those who are deeply at peace and fulfilled and since you will be spending most of your time at work, its important that u spend your working hours doing something that brings you some form of happiness. 

6. Wear yellows and pinks and greens as often as you can.

7. Donate 10% of your income to a charity that you personally resonate with. 

8. Spend your free time listening to classical music by Bach.

9. Meditate at least 15 min a day and aim to increase this duration to an hour a day over a year.

10. Love yourself more


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You are in a prison. All of you are.

What is this prison made up of? 

It is made of fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of not being able to live, fear of not being accepted and fear of being lonely. No matter what your background is and what kind of person you are, you have at least 1 of these fears.  

It’s normal to be trapped by yr fears. But it’s a terrible way to live. 

I’m going to teach you 3 ways to escape from your self created prison so that you can live your life with more freedom, more bliss. 

1) Meditate 

Meditation is the practice of detachment so that you can see that your prison bars are illusions. Just spend 10 to 20 minutes each day observing your thoughts without getting caught up in them. Label each thought as “thought, thought” without the usual judgment and emotional reaction, the same way a food critic eats their food – with detached mindfulness where the objective is only to observe. Daily practice will allow your beliefs about yourself and the world to loosen up and eventually fall away…. and you will realise that your prison has somehow disappeared all on its own. 

2) Colour therapy 

This is a special method that I am channeling right at this moment which means you will not find this anywhere else. It’s exclusive to my Lena’s Healing Haven app users! 

There are 4 steps:

i) Sit in meditative pose ie relaxed, upright spine 

ii) imagine a rainbow aura around you

iii) imagine gray gas being emitted from the soles of your feet

iv) imagine a rainbow laser beam shining into your crown chakra

Steps 2 to 4 can take anything between 1 to 5 minutes so the whole process should not take more than 15 minutes. If you have no time, even 3 minutes of practice would be beneficial. Do this daily and you will find the bars of your prison getting further and further from each other until it is easy for you to slip out. 

3) Mother Nature healing 

Once again, I am channelling this on the spot so this is exclusive to you guys too. 

Go to a nice nature spot with grass and trees. Sit down on the grass barefoot and say the following to Mother Nature.

“Dear Mother Nature, please help me to release all the wrong beliefs I have about myself and the world so that I can live my life in the most magnificent way possible.”

Then put both palms on the grass and stay there for about 30 seconds. 

Do this daily and you will find yourself being gifted with the key to unlock yourself from your prison. 

3 ways to get out of prison… try any one of them, or maybe all. Noone needs to live in a prison all their lives. Do yourself a favour. Set yourself free! 

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I was inspired to write this cos my guides like to give me analogies to explain how things operate in real life. So I’m going to come up with a few common scenarios and ask my guides for accurate analogies that will help us understand how things pan out in reality. 

  • Letting someone’s criticism affect you – this is akin to holding a cracked piece of glass out in the open and letting someone throw a tiny pebble at it. That tiny pebble wouldn’t have had any effect on a sturdy piece of glass but on one that’s already cracked, the cracks become deeper and the glass becomes more fragile. 
  • Criticising someone – this is like throwing a rotten egg at someone and the whole place gets polluted with the mess and stench; never a good thing and everyone gets affected 
  • Dwelling on negative thoughts – this is like throwing mud into your drinking water, it tastes nasty and it makes you feel sick. 
  • Going out in nature – this is like spraying water on your car 
  • Sending loving thoughts to others – this is like polishing a beautiful bright crystal, it gets even lovelier and it sends joy into your heart 
  • Meditation – this is exactly like dusting a very dirty room, cobwebs and clutter begone!
  • Making good friends – this is like building a very strong and beautiful spiderweb; it’s a work of art and brings nourishment into your life 
  • Gossiping about someone – this is like sharing a plate of leftovers with someone, it gives you something to do and it may seem enjoyable during the process but it leaves you with nothing but dissatisfaction and maybe even a queasy stomach. 
  • Helping someone – your spiritual bank account increases in size and blessings are bestowed upon you like the Niagara falls 
  • Prayer  – it creates a rainbow bridge between your 3rd eye and heaven so that your spirit guides can come to you in your daily life and intervene more actively. 

I hope this post sheds some light on the usefulness of some activities and the lack of for other activities. May you always stay bright and beautiful and blessed! 

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One downside of having a healing practice that i love so much is that i often get so extremely excited about my plans for how i can be of greater service to my clients and students as well as future ones, that i just can’t sleep at night, sometimes not until 3 or 4am. It happened to me for the past 4 nights and even though i can still function very well during the day, i guess my body couldn’t take it anymore and i came down with a pretty bad cough and running nose that was deteriorating more quickly than i would like it to. So yesterday morning, i was pretty miserable with a congested chest that felt like it was emitting heat, plus the accumulated sleep deprivation was finally starting to rear its ugly head cos i was exhausted. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was a weekday but it was Sunday where i had mummy duties and i was getting panicky at the thought of the evening family outing later on cos i knew that my state of being sick, tired and cranky would most likely reduce my ability to have fun with the family. And when mummy is grumpy, no one else is having fun. Lol! 

Then i remembered that in my intuitive coaching sessions, my students’ guides had more than once suggested certain similar exercises for their healing. So i thought, why not, i might as well just give it a try. 

It worked. I seriously wasn’t expecting a great improvement cos the exercise was so very simple and took me less than 5 min. But within an hour, my coughing and running nose had ceased, my chest felt normal again and i was no longer as tired. Incredible! 

And guess what? I’m going to teach it to you cos my guides have confirmed with me that this is something anyone can do. 

I imagined a rainbow aura around me. 

And that’s it. 

Lol… I’m serious! You want more info? There’s no more to give. That’s what i meant when i said the exercise is mindblowingly simple. And it doesn’t even really matter if you suck at visualisation cos to let you in onto a lil secret, im terrible at visualisation. I can do it but its mostly very vague stuff without any fanciful technicolor details. So when i was doing the rainbow aura visualisation, it wasn’t like a full spectrum of rainbow colours. No, for me, i vaguely noticed 2 or 3 colours swirling near me and getting replaced by other colours after a while. To be honest, i wasn’t even taking it very seriously. I was in a noisy crowded environment at my son’s boxing class and i just took it as a harmless experiment. That’s why i was so surprised and grateful when i realised later on that it actually worked. So it was definitely not the placebo effect in this case. 

Try it! Sometimes we are skeptical about trying things that seem too good to be true but you know what… the divine can be really really good to us… we just gotta accept their blessings.

Oh and by the way, mummy was no longer grumpy mummy and everyone had an awesome time! 

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Do you meditate? 

If the answer is yes, good for you. 

If the answer is no, why? 

Too boring? You don’t know how? You don’t do it well so you gave up? You don’t understand the point of doing it? 

The guides say that meditation is the one thing that guarantees the practitioner 3 benefits:

1) a stable mind 

2) an elevated sense of well being 

3) a more peaceful and successful life

Now who wouldn’t want all of those? And you don’t even need to pay a single cent. Time and diligence is all you need. Are you willing to invest these 2 things in exchange for the above 3 results? I would say it’s a good deal! 

Many people have the misconception that you need to enter a nice floaty state of bliss or experience a complete still mind empty of all thoughts in meditation. Alas not many people can attain that, so they proclaim themselves to be useless in meditation and give up. 

Let me assure you that the above is wrong. What meditation entails is observing your inner world – thoughts, emotions and body sensations – with complete detachment. Why is this important? 

We suffer because we are overly attached to painful and unnecessary thoughts, and because we resist or judge having negative emotions as well as unpleasant body discomforts. Every unhappy and uncomfortable thing in our system gets magnified by our overreaction. The thought “noone likes me” is automatically followed by despondency and self hatred. A feeling of frustration is immediately disowned and pushed away, causing the frustration energy to become repressed and stuck in our body. Everything is a trigger for drama and never-ending criticisms and complaints. That’s what happens to most of us who are used to being the victim of our thoughts and emotions. 

But when we learn to simply observe these phenomena in meditation, the domino effect is disrupted. “Noone likes me” is followed by an inner shrug of nonchalance. Frustration is noted and allowed to pass on. In this manner, instead of sitting on the train where we are jostled around with every turn and every movement, meditation allows us to get off the train so that we can observe its journey without being pushed off balance. 

For most beginners, observing thoughts and emotions without reacting, resisting or judging might feel very challenging because it goes against lifetime habits. So the trick is to simply go back to observation mode again and again. Every time we get caught up with our thoughts or resist our emotions, learn to tell yourself that it’s ok and gently bring yourself back to being an observer. There’s no end goal. The point is to focus on the journey and letting every failing become an opportunity to practice detachment. 

The guides can’t stress enough how important meditation is to both our mundane and spiritual life. I hope that this sharing will spur you to take 20 minutes or more out of your day to sit in meditation. 

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Is everyone psychic?

Yes but not necessarily the kind where you read people’s minds. There are many different kinds of psychic abilities. To be psychic simply means that you are able to use an intangible aspect of your energy system to accomplish something useful and beneficial to yourself and/or others. 

How many psychic abilities are there in the world and what are they?

There are 37 in total.

1) communication with animals 

2) communication with plants

3) communication with underwater creatures 

4) communication with mother earth

5) communication with divine God (for those of you who watched my video on who is God, this is level 1 God. Only less than 10 ppl in the world have this gift!)

6) intuitive writing 

7) intuitive art 

8) mindreading 

9) telepathy 

10) ability to calm people down 

11) ability to open people’s hearts 

12) ability to purify the energies in your immediate environment 

13) healing 

14) ability to use the ocean’s energy for healing 

15) ability to use the sun’s energy for healing 

16) dream interpretation 

17) ability to teach 

18) ability to communicate with crystals 

19) ability to find lost objects and people 

20) communication with higher beings not part of one’s spirit guide team 

21) understand divine language 

22) ability to lead anybody 

23) ability to blend in with the environment 

24) have stable energy that doesn’t budge regardless of the environment 

25) ability to be fluid and go beyond the limits of the environment 

26) ability to do spells with full accuracy 

27) enter different dimensions 

28) have a very still mind 

29) ability to understand others deeply

30) ability to use the rainbow’s energy for healing 

31) ability to use mother nature’s produce for healing 

32) ability to identify an object’s characteristics based on smell

33) ability to receive information abt an object’s owner when touching the object 

34) ability to stay warm in winter 

35) ability to cut thru information for precise knowledge 

36) ability to warm ppl’s hearts 

37) ability to manifest quickly 

How do I know what my psychic gifts are?

You won’t know unless you are extremely attuned with yourself. You can drop me a msg to ask me for free. I will also tell you if they are dormant or active. 

How do I activate my dormant psychic gifts?

There are many ways. Meditation is a surefire method. You may also attend a one to one psychic development class with me where your spirit guides will teach you through me. Msg me for more info. 

Can I develop any number of psychic gifts I want?

It’s not possible to develop a psychic gift if it’s not already innate within u. .

What’s the point of having psychic abilities or using them?

All psychic abilities, when utilised fully and appropriately, will lead one towards enlightenment which is the ultimate goal of all souls. Most of these abilities are also highly useful in daily life and helps one to be of greater service. 

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Confusion is a state that only arises as we enter childhood and adulthood. Look at babies. They are never confused. They cry when they don’t get what they want, laugh when they are fulfilled in their needs, observe the world with non judgmental curiosity and make choices that make them feel good and nurtured. 

But as we grow up, we are taught that there are rights and wrongs and that it is possible to make terrible mistakes that will affect us and others drastically. We learn to worry, fear and resist. Eventually, we come face to face with confusion that is the result of becoming disconnected with our natural wisdom and clarity. 

The first thing to note is that when you are confused, do not take action. Would you cross the road blindfolded? Of course not. We will only cross the road after our blindfolds are removed or when we find a trusted person to help us cross the road safely. So if you are being blinded by worry, lostness, and caution, do not move forward. Not for now. 

The next step is to clear your confusion. There are 3 very good ways to do this. 1st way is to visit Mother Nature. Mother Nature is a wonderful healer and being embraced in her arms in the form of trees, water and grass will help to declutter your mind so that you can connect to your inner resources more fully. 2nd, get sufficient rest. Everything seems clearer when you have slept enough. Last but not least, journal your thoughts down or talk to a trusted non judgemental confidante. This will allow you to make sense of your thoughts so that you can filter off those which are pure nonsense and be left with the most important ones that can help you find your way out of the darkness. 

If none of the above 3 ways help you sufficiently  (though that’s very unlikely and it would indicate that you are just refusing to face the truth within yourself), you may consider engaging me for a reading or healing. Sometimes the blindfold can only be taken down with divine assistance and I promise I will do it ever so gently and carefully so that your fears and worries will be fully liberated. 

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