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Past life regression therapy is a fascinating form of therapy where my client and I get taken on a magical journey of revisiting significant events of a past life, with the intention of exploring, acknowledging and letting go of past life traumas.

Usually clients come to me for relationship problems that may have a past life karmic cause. But I am also very interested in helping clients resolve phobias or physical injuries that may be rooted in a past life.

Today I was reading a chapter of “Healing Yourself” by Ryuho Okawa that focuses extensively on the cause and effect of physical injuries or phobias and the kind of past lives thay may be linked to. It’s such an interesting chapter that I’m putting it out here to share:

People with distinctive birthmarks: –

For example, when a person has a distinctive birthmark on his body, in many instances, it closely corresponds to the way in which that person has died in a past life.

Many cases have been reported of marks being located on the same side of the body where in past lives, people were killed by swords or spears, or died after being hit by arrows. In effect, they are reminders that the person died in such a wy in the past.

People with skin diseases, asthma or bronchitis:-

With skin diseases, there are of course cases in which allergies develop as a result of personal relations. As taught in Happy Science, if we trace back into the past lives of people with skin problems we find there are also many cases in which they are conected to the way the person died in a past life.

In the case of a person who was burned to death, since the skin will strongly retain the sensation of being burned by fire, when that person is born into this life, corresponding birthmarks will sometimes appear. There are many other cases in which the connection manifests itself in various forms of skin disease or terrible skin allergies.

Even if they died in the same situation from a fire, there are also people who painfully suffocated to death because of the smoke. These people may suffer from asthma, bronchitis or some other form of disease of the respiratory system in this life.

Through past life regression therapy, people can find out how they had died in a past life and how it has manifested in this lifetime. In many cases, these illnesses will be healed when the individuals realise this connection.

Since the symptoms appear on the body because there is a cause in the mind, if the mind is corrected, then the outside too will be healed. In this way, it is true that people with lingering memories of their deaths in a past life, who suffered terribly and were enveloped by smoke, may have asthma in the present life.

People who fear water:-

Then again there are peope who are terrified of water. These people think,”I’m scared of going into the water. Swimming pooks scare me to death. I’m also scared of rivers. Anyhow, I can’t avoid being terrified when I see water.”

In most cases, a spiritual reading reveals that such a person experienced a water-related death in a past life. This experience of death by water may have taken any number of forms, including drowning, an accident in the water, being murdered in water or dying in a flood.

In such cases, their souls will likely be engraved with incredible terror. Such a feeling of terror in the soul might appear in a form of phobia in this life too. Therefore it is no wonder that they should have a fear of water.

People who fear heights:-

An even more common example is acrophobia, or fear of heights. When people suffering from this phobia go up to a high place, they will be absolutely unable to control their fears. But if we conduct spiritual readings of such people’s past lives, in nearly every case, we find that they died after falling from a high place.

That may happen in war, or falinb, or by being pushed off cliffs, shoved from roofs, from turrets, from windows of buildings, or otherwise from suffering an experience of falling during a past life. In such cases, these people cannot help their fear of high places.

People who fear enclosed spaces:-

There are also people who suffer from claustrophobia or fear of enclosed spaces. Take the case of a person who says, “I’m terrified of enclosed places. Small rooms are scary to me, and elevators are intimidating too. I’m terrified if the doors are locked. In other words, I feel like I’m suffocating.” Spiritual readings of past lives will likely show that ehse people died in such a manner. Such people were killed under circumstances in which they were trapped and could not escape.

For example, if a person died in a Nazi gas chamber, in this life, such an individual will be absolutely terrified of being trapped in an enclosed area. In cases like it, in which large numbers of people died, the deceased are reborn relatively quickly, but a very great percentage of them will retain this fear.

If we do a spiritual reading much farther back into the past, we can find cases in which the cause of such a fear of enclosed places are traced all the way back to ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt, when a pharoah died, his servants and handmaidens were buried alive along with the pharoah’s jewels and treasures inside the pyramid or other graves. The reason why they were buried aive was because people thought,”When the pharoah arrives in the next world, he will be inconvenienced if he finds himself all alone. Since the pharoah will surely face difficulties in his everyday life, let’s send his servants along with him into the next world.” Thus, these servants were buried alive and allowed to die.

In such cases, no doubt these people were not yet ready to die. As a result, it became karma and gave rise to their fear of enclosed spaces or the terror of being buried alive.

People who suffer from panic disorder:-

There are also cases in which, in a past life, when a person was walking in the mountains, out of the blue he was set upon and killed by brigands, or was slain in a surprise attack, or was cut down by theives in a back alley, or had his home invaded by robbers who had finished him off, or was otherwise murdered without warning. When a person who experienced this is reborn, a variety of extremely anxious feelings and terrors will be present, and he is likely to develop a panic disorder.

In this way, if you cannot find enough evidence of the cause in this life, even if you look back to your youth, it is quite likely that abnormal experiences in one of your many past lives are at work.

If you fall in any of the above categories, having a past life regression would probably bring you much healing, and more importantly, insights into your current challenges and self-sabotaging patterns.

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